Tuesday, May 13, 2008

RV Manufacturers Going Green

It seems like RV manufacturers are making an attempt to create a more environmentally sustainable product. They're going green. RV manufacturers are cutting down on waste and practicing recycling. According to WSBT.com, RV companies in Elkhart County, Indiana have turned more than 2,000,000 pounds of waste into useful products.

Scraps that use to be thrown away, that were left over when cutting out the RV bodies, are now being saved and recycled into other parts for the RVs. By recycling these scraps the RV manufacturers are able to lower the price of their finished RVs.

It is great to read about RV manufacturers taking the lead when it comes to this subject as the entire RV industry and its future is so closely
tied into the environment. Traveling and seeing America's nature beauty and it's majestic landscapes are what makes RVing so great and such an enduring and sought after lifestyle.

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Source: WSBT.com

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